A northern Wisconsin group that opposed the construction of Gogebic Taconite's $1.5 billion iron mine is now shifting its focus to pipelines.More
Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Stout have discovered new bacteria that could play a role in the death of honeybees during winter months.More
A bumblebee species reported in 10 Wisconsin counties has become the first bumblebee to be listed as endangered under a federal law.More
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Outbursts of extremely cold air over Lake Superior often cause a phenomenon that's commonly known as sea smoke.More
It looks like Wisconsin will be counting on more animal waste digesters to handle the growing amount of cow manure at large dairy farms.More
References to climate change, rising temperatures and the human activities that cause them have been removed recently from a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources web page.More
Nearly 10,000 metric tons, or 22 million pounds, of plastic pollution are entering the Great Lakes every year, according to researchers at New York's Rochester Institute of Technology.More
There may be a way to prevent harmful blooms of algae in some lakes or reservoirs, according to a new study.More