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The ways in which contemporary Wisconsinites interpret and value the state's ancient effigy mounds continue to evolve.More
Wisconsin's dairy industry is dealing with a big shock after one processor, Grassland Dairy Products Inc., dropped its contracts to buy milk from dozens of farms, citing a new Canadian policy that favors that nation's domestic milk producers.More
Spring has brought gut-wrenching uncertainty to scores of dairy farms around Wisconsin. On April 1 a Clark County-based processor dropped their contracts, leaving them without a place to sell their milk.More
The concept of farm to school — improving nutritional options and expanding educational opportunities for students through agriculture — has an inherently local character.More
Political discontent in rural areas of the U.S. is regularly cited as a major factor in Donald Trump’s victory and Congressional and statehouse gains by other Republican candidates in the 2016 elections.More
As the state of Wisconsin considers eliminating funding for the farm-to-school coordinator position at the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection in its 2017-19 budget cycle, advocates fear they'll lose a crucial leg up for farmers and school districts.More
As farm-to-school programs grow across Wisconsin, they've proven to be quite a learning experience, and not just for students.More
The farm-to-school programs developed by the School District of Holmen, located just north of La Crosse in western Wisconsin, illustrate the complex questions a district must answer to get its efforts off the ground.More
Farm-to-school programs can take a variety of forms. In Wisconsin, the USDA reported that 73 percent of the 775 schools and districts surveyed participated in some type of farm-to-school program.More
Thirteen counties across the state of Wisconsin have flip-flopped over the last eight years and played a key role in securing Donald Trump's victory in the state.More