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The flowering of craft beer over the past decade was accompanied and aided by an arms race to scale new heights of bitter flavors.More
Bayfield County is building a tower to improve emergency communications — meanwhile, law enforcement agencies are investigating what may be done to improve emergency communications across the state.More
A Florida State University professor looked to Wisconsin to investigate how climate change might make people more vulnerable to groundwater-borne pathogens in the decades ahead.More
Phosphorus has always been a big part of just about any water-quality discussion, including those about its levels in the Great Lakes. It also intersects with another big ecological problem in the lakes: invasive species.More
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New research out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison suggests an overpopulation of deer is having a long-term impact on the state's forests.More
The national headlines on global warming typically focus on the recent stretch of record high temperatures, the retreat of glaciers and rising sea levels. For the average Wisconsinite, those effects may feel distant, even abstract.More
A few of snowy owls generally make it to Wisconsin every winter, but some years many more of these white birds with large yellow eyes than normal visit – creating what's called an irruptionMore
A new study suggests the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has been underestimating the number of wolves killed illegally for years.More
When it comes to receiving treatment for cervical cancer, many minority women are receiving poorer care than their white counterparts.More