From the the rights of runaway slaves in to the modern debate over school vouchers, Wisconsin has played a significant role in shaping American law.
Italians say festa, Latinos say fiesta, and the Irish say feis, but it all means "festival" in Milwaukee.
The Bon-Ton family of department stores is the most recent casualty in the decline of malls around the country.
Epic has become increasingly associated with the labor controversies that arise in the IT industry.
Over the course of just a few decades at the end of the 19th century, millions upon millions of birds were killed in a spree of hunting for food and feathers.
A Wisconsin pediatrician is recommending closer attention be paid to what appears to be the slightest injuries on very small children.
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Scientists have long known bats consume mosquitoes. But UW-Madison researchers wanted to learn more about the flying mammals versus the buzzing bugs.
Wisconsin is aging, and as its population of senior citizens grows, the health care workers who attend to them face growing risks of overwork and burnout.
Several factors combined to make the 2017-18 flu season particularly bad in Wisconsin. Scott Gordon of WisContext discusses how serious it was.
In a highly connected age of smartphone shopping and new automated grocery delivery services, a trip to a local farmers' market can seem like an anachronistic journey to the past.