While poverty has long been thought of as an economic problem, officials in Milwaukee are starting to examine the issue through the lens of public health, and refocusing on the health and societal outcomes poverty can have.
No one knows yet for sure how much water Foxconn's planned electronics manufacturing plant in Mount Pleasant will need for its daily operations, but just getting it there will be a big job.
When economic recession struck in 2008, big banks weren't the only industry dealt a blow. Manufacturers suffered major setbacks, too, particularly automakers. Their struggles sent a ripple effect across the United States, but were felt in one Wisconsin city in particular.
While perceived social and political divides between the urban and rural areas of Wisconsin remains a frequent topic of discussion, gaining a better understanding of the relationships between the two is very influenced by where people work.
The opioid crisis is a grave and growing burden on local governments, in one way or another.
As flu season begins and pharmacies start offering flu vaccinations, the perennial question of whether or not to get a shot arises.
Where Wisconsin's voters live and which political parties they support is at the heart of a major lawsuit before the U.S. Supreme Court.
What would happen if a devastating rainstorm that hits an area and causes damaging floods instead struck somewhere else?
In the early decades of the 20th century, it was fashionable to use fox fur on everything from scarfs, capes, and coats to trim for suits and gowns.
The rising popularity of "pizza farms" may seem like just another quaint foodie trend, but there's business sense behind the idea.