Trained as a classical musician in Mexico, Raphael Baez was recruited to come to the United States by the C.D. Hess Opera Company in the 1880s.
A new Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources program might have difficulty targeting the Wisconsin communities experiencing the greatest lead contamination in terms of scale and intensity.
Madison Alder Shiva Bidar-Sielaff (left) and Police Chief Mike Koval (right) speak about police oversight on Wisconsin Public Television's "Here And Now."
To watch Madison Police Chief Mike Koval and Alder Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, one might not immediately recognize the escalating tensions between the department and other portions of the city government.
Bryan Richards
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has identified thousands of deer infected with chronic wasting disease over the last 17 years. But the total number of animals affected and the geographic breadth of the disease is at the heart of policy differences over how to address the disease.
Lily leaf beetle
Every year as spring unfolds, fruit growers around Wisconsin start feeling anxious, wondering whether a late frost will harm their crop.
Former Madison Police Chief Noble Wray
Police departments around the United States have experimented with "community policing" methods since the 1980s, but distrust of law enforcement officers remains deeply embedded in many low-income and minority communities.
Elizabethkingia culture
Exploring the history of what we do and don't know about Elizabethkingia anophelis tells a story about the curious mix of hope and danger in our bacterial companions.
Pretty Soon Runs Out
"I mean business today," a Milwaukee woman identified only as Mrs. Taylor tells an official in the Department of City Development. "I've been put off long enough."
ShotSpotter screen view
As cities around the United States struggle to respond to gun violence in neighborhoods where residents may not trust law enforcement, dozens of police departments are turning to a gunshot-detection system called ShotSpotter.
Aerial view of Milwaukee, looking southeast
Although crime, poverty and other social factors often overlap, mapping these factors in Milwaukee shows dramatic divisions that align with the city's racial segregation.