Wisconsin school administrators and teachers say they're on high alert in wake of the presidential election as they make sure their classrooms remain civil and safe for all students.
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is considering a permanent limit on cisco harvesting in the state's Lake Superior waters, a prospect that faces opposition from commercial fishing operations.
In the world of political polling, the Marquette University Law School Poll is considered the best in Wisconsin. When a new poll is released with a new round of results, political journalists across the state avidly follow it and tweet it out point-by-point.
Ron Worthey Sr. is a veteran who struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder. What he's found to be the most helpful tool for coping with PTSD is actually quite simple, he said.
The future of President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act may be in doubt, but so far it doesn't seem to be affecting enrollment underway on, the federal marketplace used to purchase health insurance in Wisconsin and other states.
There's an effort to restore native wild rice to the bay of Green Bay after years of dredging has taken place in the lower Fox River as part of an effort to restore the contaminated waters.
In 1948, four national polling firms infamously predicted that Thomas Dewey would win the presidential election by a comfortable 5 to 15 percentage points rather than the 4.4 percentage point victory won by President Harry Truman. This error brought the young polling industry to its knees.
The 2016 presidential election results took many people of all political stripes by surprise. It will be a while before it is fully understood why figures released by many reputable state and national polls were off, some by a wide margin. Until then, history may offer some potential explanations.
Under the last state budget, lawmakers directed the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to make more northern state forestland available for timber harvests.
With Donald Trump as the next president, President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act has a higher chance of being repealed or rolled back.