With an increasing number of teenagers choosing to become vegetarians, some parents may be concerned that their teens won't have healthy diets or that they will no longer wish to share in family meals.
Twenty-six percent of U.S. adults say they or someone in their household has had problems paying medical bills in the past 12 months. But medical bills should not be ignored.
For people with health insurance who want to see a doctor or get other care, the first step is understanding where to go that is covered by the specific plan.
Students are heading back to school, and many of them will be carrying lunches they bring from home. Home-packed lunches can take many forms: hot or cold, homemade or pre-made from a store.
With such a fast rise to fame, understanding the long-term effects of Pokémon Go on kids is impossible. However, what is known about other technologies can help predict how to make the use of new media, like Pokémon Go and other social platforms, a safe and positive experience for kids and parents.
Summer in Wisconsin can often be quite hot and dry, interrupted only by intermittent rains. Drier weather conditions means homeowners feel they need to water the plants in their yards.
Healthy landscape plants need care and maintenance, especially when summer rainfall is inadequate.
Just when a garden looks good, ravenous Japanese beetles can promptly emerge in the heart of summer to devour the gardener's favorite plants.
Summer marks a hiatus from the daily responsibilities and scheduled demands children face during the school year, which provides a structure for eating, sleeping and physical activities. But in summer, if children engage in less physical activity, they may gain up to three times as much weight as they do over an entire school year.
Hot weather and a high heat index are a challenge for farmers each summer. During heat waves, farmers need to take precautions for their animals to minimize the risk of injury and sickness from prolonged exposure to high temperatures and humidity.