The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection compiles a list of complaints Wisconsin consumers have. Here are what topped the list in 2018.
What types of barriers do refugees face if they want to go to college? Matthew Wolfgram from the Wisconsin Center for Education Research sought to answer this question.
In January, the Wisconsin Assembly passed a bill that addresses pre-existing conditions, but the scope of this proposal does not overlap completely with what is defined by the ACA.
Wisconsin suffered record-breaking cold in late January 2019, with an influx of frigid air that UW-Madison atmospheric and oceanic sciences professor Jon Martin says was "dug out" from from the Arctic by the jet stream.
Inclusivity and bias training have been staples in the workplace, but to what degree are they effective? UW-Madison psychology professor Markus Brauer says training to help people recognize biases may not be effective at changing biases in the first place.
Dotted across Wisconsin's landscape, Native American casinos are a relatively recent addition to the state's economic and social fabric.
Would it be safe to assume that voters' early opinions about Tony Evers might hew somewhat closely to the November 2018 election results? Not quite.
Donna Friedsam of UW-Madison's Population Health Institute discusses a proposal to create protections for preexisting conditions at the state level. She said coverage for a covered family may be different if the federal law is overturned and state law comes into effect.
In water-rich Wisconsin, the use of groundwater for municipal water systems and agricultural irrigation can lead to conflict.
Shannon Holsey, president of the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians in Shawano County, has been fielding questions from the community regarding the federal shutdown and stoppage of funding obligated under treaty rights.