Wisconsin fell short from national trends and its closest Midwest neighbors when it came to electing more women to office in 2018. Hayley Sperling of WisContext discusses what contributed to the state's low numbers.
As Gov. Scott Walker ends his eight years as governor of Wisconsin, Here & Now looks back on his time in the governor's mansion, speaking with a business owner and teacher who supported and opposed his policies, respectively.
A analysis released in January 2019 shows more than 40 percent of private wells in southwestern Wisconsin failed to meet drinking water standards. Meanwhile, rules implemented in the summer of 2018 attempt to curb groundwater contamination in other parts of the state.
The University of Wisconsin-Madison campus still has 37 extant effigy and conical linear mounds.
Hemp may drive an agricultural boom after it was legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill. Rob Richards of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation said growing the crop in the state can help farmers looking to diversify.
Baraboo grapples with the aftermath of a photograph surfacing showing high schoolers giving a Nazi salute.
One Wisconsin Christmas story that stands out is an early 20th Century shipwreck that serves as a reminder of the often-dangerous conditions faced by those who have plied the Great Lakes' waters.
Indigenous languages are endangered in Wisconsin, but efforts to preserve and stabilize them has increased among Native American nations and tribes. Margaret Noodin, director of the Electa Quinney Institute for American Indian Eduction at UW-Milwaukee, explains what these efforts look like.
Gov.-elect Tony Evers announced a criminal justice reform advisory panel and listed its goals for Wisconsin. John Eason, a UW-Madison sociology professor specializing in criminal justice reform, discussed Wisconsin's incarceration rates.
Young children inevitably fall as they learn what they can do physically and experiment with their limits. If a fall results in a blow to the head, the child may have sustained a traumatic brain injury.