Donald Trump's win in the 2016 presidential election shocked pollsters, who had calculated leads for Hillary Clinton for the vast majority of the campaign season. Marquette Law School Poll director Charles Franklin discusses what might have polling strategies might have missed.
As the nation woke up to a new president-elect on Nov. 9, Kathy Cramer was as stunned as just about anyone who analyzes U.S. politics for a living, and especially those people with confidence in the accuracy of public opinion polls.
Hmong refugees fleeing war in Vietnam and Laos began arriving in the United States in 1976 — many of them after fighting alongside Americans in the Vietnam War, or losing loved ones in that conflict Over the ensuing four decades, Wisconsin has become home to the nation's third-largest Hmong population following California and Minnesota.
For many Upper Midwesterners in the 21st century, not much could seem more familiar than the marks of Scandinavian influence on regional culture. But there was a time in North American history when Norwegians, Swedes and Danes were considered peculiar outsiders.
A sleepy cabin atop a river bluff seems an unlikely inspiration for a videogame. But it was there that Dave Beck dreamed up Tombeaux .
Most public discussion and media coverage about the ACA has focused on the fact that premiums for many insurance policies will likely be going up and that the number of available plans is decreasing. But the law also creates subsidies for a broad range of people.
While juggling long-term financial goals and daily expenses, young families have many competing demands on their money. One goal often postponed is saving for college.
Spanning the border between Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a smallish lake, located right where the state line hooks south. Named Lac Vieux Desert, it's the headwaters of the Wisconsin River.
Small dollar donations for political candidates, which are defined as any monetary gift under $200, is playing a prominent role in state and national elections. What is it like to be a small donor?
Anyone who's spent time on a college campus has likely heard a lot about bacterial meningitis in recent years.