Wisconsin public health officials decided to call for a public advisory after reviewing the severity of the opioid crisis in the state. Wisconsin State Health Office Karen McKeown discusses the growing scope of this epidemic of addiction.
Food scientists around Wisconsin are building on a growing interest in fermentation to help both craft brewers and multinational mega-breweries improve their beers. But their work isn't just about the state's alcoholic beverage producers.
In the backwoods of central Wisconsin, Britt Searles is in her environment and has an eagle eye for spotting wildlife under the forest canopy.
UW journalism professor Chris Wells studied the Donald Trump's relationship with the media, and says the Republican presidential nominee has mastered using both traditional and social media to his advantage.
Farms that raise animals — be they poultry, pigs, cows or other livestock — are growing. But whether smaller farms are simply updated with modern technologies or are concentrated animal feeding operations with hundreds or thousands of animals, they enable farmers to reduce costs and increase output.
Generating revenue from toll roads is a complex process. It would likely take some time for tolls to affect the state's current budgetary approach to transportation funding, which consists of borrowing money and delaying projects.
Americans are increasingly figuring out why Europeans love hazelnuts so much, thanks in large part to obsessions over a certain chocolate hazelnut spread.
More jobs does not always mean greater opportunities for people of different genders, races, or geographic areas. And a broad economic recovery does not necessarily offer a steady outlook for job-seekers.
Wisconsin's roots as a state are found in a patchwork of scrappy independent settlements, interspersed with the occasional fraudulent land scheme.
One organism, exploding in population, thrives at the expense of others in its ecosystem. That's essentially what happens when a toxic algal bloom spreads a slimy, stinky trail across a body of water.