Milwaukee-based Hunger Task Force Director Sherri Tussler said 65 percent of people who participated in the FoodShare Employment and Training Program lost their food assistance and did not gain employment.
Kevin Moore of Wisconsin Department of Health Services said 12,000 people enrolled in the FoodShare program entered the workforce as part of its employment and training program.
Russ Groves
Wisconsin is a national leader in growing and processing specialty crops that include sweet corn, green beans, peas, potatoes and, of course, cranberries. These plants attract plenty of pests that eat and damage the crops, making their management a primary concern of farmers.
Cory Cochart
In recent years, the smell, environmental impacts and human health risks of spraying liquefied manure over crop fields has raised questions and concerns among a growing number of Wisconsin residents.
University of Wisconsin professor Ken Genskow is chair of a work group studying the safety of liquid manure irrigation and its effects on health and the environment in places where it is used.
Town of Lincoln chair Cory Cochart said the community banned liquid manure irrigation because of health risks related to inhaling pathogens, and the township is prepared to stand up to higher government officials who want to override its decision.
Todd Allbaugh
Wisconsin's April 5 election instigated two notable media blowups over the state's voter ID law.
Charles Franklin
As both Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates, Justice Rebecca Bradley and challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg, head toward the April 5 election, their campaigns and two outside groups are spending heavily to attract votes.
Wisconsin's April 5 presidential primary and supreme court election will be one of the state's first requiring all voters to present a photo I.D. Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson identified what forms of I.D. are acceptable.
Lucia Nuñez on WPT
Just like other Cuban-Americans around the country, those who live in Wisconsin may find themselves involved in a complex discussion as the U.S. normalizes relations with Cuba.