When Martine Anderson and her husband Edgar arrived on Washington Island it was love at first site.
Farmers' use of transgenic corn over the past 20-plus years is putting pressure on ecosystems, in part by making some weeds more resistant to herbicides.
Dunn County is the latest Wisconsin community to consider a temporary ban on large-scale dairy and other farming operations.
The fate of a project that first emerged in 2010 is now in the hands of a La Crosse County judge.
Peter David knew little about wild rice when he began his job as a biologist for the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.
Property owners who are battling with the invasive buckthorn in their woods and are determined to take action should consider applying herbicide in the next few weeks.
USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the purchase plan after a roundtable discussion with Wisconsin farmers. The cheese will go to food banks and nutrition assistance programs.
The early fall is the best time of year to do some planning for winter and keeping homes warm, and some may want to consider converting to wood energy, given Wisconsin’s great timber reserves.
Wisconsin's bird populations are changing in some unusual ways, according to new findings published by the state Department of Natural Resources.
With the advance of the brown marmorated stink bug across the United States, Wisconsin researchers are working to detect when and where their populations will reach nuisance or agricultural pest levels in the state — leading to the first official report of them on on agricultural crops in Wisconsin in early October.