Outbursts of extremely cold air over Lake Superior often cause a phenomenon that's commonly known as sea smoke.
In recognition of concerning national and local trends, as well as to fill an identified gardening programming gap for teens and "tweens," the Brown County UW-Extension Community Gardens Program partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay to pilot a youth farmers' market program in the summer of 2016.
An audio-based software system that helps police departments detect outdoor gunshots remains a mystery in many ways.
A projected doctor shortage in Wisconsin is spurring efforts to expand the duties of other medical professionals.
Consumers who check their free credit reports for errors may be surprised to see they do not contain credit scores.
The value of Wisconsin farmland was steady in 2016, unlike the rest of the Midwest.
It looks like Wisconsin will be counting on more animal waste digesters to handle the growing amount of cow manure at large dairy farms.
References to climate change, rising temperatures and the human activities that cause them have been removed recently from a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources web page.
Nearly 10,000 metric tons, or 22 million pounds, of plastic pollution are entering the Great Lakes every year, according to researchers at New York's Rochester Institute of Technology.
Repeal and... what exactly then? And is repeal even certain?