About WisContext

WisContext is a service of Wisconsin Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Television and Cooperative Extension. An online multimedia news and information project, it presents the reporting, research and community-based expertise of these partners to provide information and insight about urgent and emergent issues that affect Wisconsin. Supported by a team of journalists and educators, this collaborative platform assembles and builds on their work.

WisContext is funded by a University of Wisconsin-Extension Innovation Investment Fund grant, and receives ongoing support from its partner organizations. The service is led by an editorial board that consists of a leadership representative from each partner. Its staff is embedded with the three partners, and works in concert with their journalists and educators.

WisContext Staff

  • Kristian Knutsen, Managing Editor
  • Scott Gordon, Associate Editor
  • Samantha Nash, Associate Editor
  • Hayley Sperling, Engagement Editor

WisContext Editorial Board

  • Michael Arnold, Wisconsin Public Radio Associate Director and Chief Operating Officer
  • Kathy Bissen, Wisconsin Public Television Associate Director and Chief Operating Officer
  • Shannon Carpenter, University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Director of External Relations

WisContext started publishing stories in 2015 and launched its website in 2016. Its content is open to syndication, and may be republished by media organizations and educators interested in using and sharing this information. WisContext also publishes a weekly newsletter, and anybody interested in updates can subscribe to receive it.

WisContext is an award-winning news and information service. It has been honored with a Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Award for Excellence 2015 for Best Web Story and a Milwaukee Press Club 2015 Excellence in Journalism Silver Award for Best Use of Multi-Platform Reporting.

Do you have any questions or comments? Please contact WisContext with your feedback.