WisContext Republishing Guidelines

WisContext serves the residents of Wisconsin, providing information and insight into issues as they affect the state. We report on these issues, drawing upon the resources of our partners: Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television. We want to share what we've learned, and media and educational organizations are welcome to republish our articles online and/or in print subject to the following guidelines:

  • Only articles credited to WisContext or its partners Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television may be republished. If an article is credited to another organization, it is not available for republishing from our website under these guidelines.
  • Articles may not be edited, except to fit a publication's house style requirements or to shorten it. If an article is shortened, please add the note "This item was edited for length." If republishing online, please try to retain links that are already included in the article.
  • Please credit the article to the original author(s) and WisContext. Please use this style: [Author name], WisContext (or any of the three partner organizations if the item is originally credited to them). Please also link to wiscontext.org in the credit.
  • Please add this line at the end of any WisContext article you republish: WisContext produced this article as a service of Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television.
  • By republishing articles under these guidelines, you agree to immediately remove our content from your site if we contact you and request that you do so.
  • Photos, graphics and data visualizations may be republished with articles if they are credited to WisContext or its partners: Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television. They may not be published separately from articles. If photos, graphics or data visualizations are not credited to WisContext or its partners, they may only be republished per their original copyright restrictions. (WisContext often uses Creative Commons-licensed images, and follows their republishing guidelines.)
  • WisContext articles may not be sold. Please do not sell advertising against WisContext articles, but they may be republished online or in print with existing ads.

If you republish our articles, please send us a note with a link to where it appears. Thank you for sharing!

(Thank you to the Texas Tribune for inspiring these guidelines.)