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When a new and dangerous respiratory disease started racing around the globe in early 2020, it had been just over a century since humankind endured the 1918 influenza pandemic.
Solar energy is cheaper, more efficient and more widely available than ever, but its viability was never assured. Technologies that enable the conversion of sunlight into usable electricity are the products of an uncoordinated, decades-long series of events that followed a circuitous and halting path
A group of chemicals known as PFAS are prompting increasing attention and concern across Wisconsin. What are these chemicals and why are they such a big deal?
While the ketogenic diet may be trendy, it’s important to know what it is before jumping onto another health bandwagon.
Although humans need to consume a certain amount of fat, not all fats are created equally.
Christmas has come and gone for 2019, but an uninvited Grinch may still be lurking to steal the holiday spirit.
It's been a big year for the lily leaf beetle in Wisconsin.
In 1989, a long simmering conflict over American Indian treaty rights helped prompt a landmark educational law in Wisconsin.
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A years-long slump in Wisconsin school enrollment is continuing. Sarah Kemp, a researcher with the University of Wisconsin Applied Population Lab explains why — and in which types of school districts — these drops are happening.
October is the ideal time to plant garlic in Wisconsin, so long as growers properly prepare their newly-planted cloves for a long, cold winter.