Confusion over what drives differences in gas prices between gas stations in the same town ⁠— or even at the same intersection ⁠— can be a constant source of frustration for drivers.
In late May 2019, Wisconsin Watch sent a survey to all 72 county jails asking for information about their incarceration fees.
At least 23 Wisconsin counties assess "pay-to-stay" fees, which charge inmates for room and board for the time they are incarcerated. In addition, there are other fees inmates must pay, depending on the county they are in.
Wisconsin's self-proclaimed moniker as "America's Dairyland" is taking on fresh meaning in the 21st century thanks to a growing market for milk from an animal that bleats rather than moos.
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As groups of siblings sit around a large campfire, they begin to share stories while eating a few snacks. They're starting to make memories that will have to last them until they can see each other again. And for some of them, that could be for a whole year.
Students entering their senior year of high school in the fall of 2019 appear to be among the largest classes in Wisconsin for the foreseeable future.
The Foxconn project has taken a toll on residents of Mount Pleasant who have sold their properties to accommodate the development of new roads. WPR reporter Corrinne Hess discusses divisions between homeowners and the local government over these land acquisitions.
New business startups led by entrepreneurs are vital to a vibrant and strong economy, and, in entrepreneurship, Wisconsin tends to lag other states.
As a result of repeated catastrophic flooding, Bayfield County has been proactive in upgrading culverts and bridges and tracking down new sources of funding.
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While the cost of insulin surges, many diabetes patients are left to foot excessively high bills. One Wisconsin woman shares the financial challenges she faces to afford insulin, and American Diabetes Association spokesperson Dr. LaShawn McIver discusses the national scope of this issue.