Articles by Marisa Wojcik

Baraboo is grappling with how to handle a viral photo of students holding their arms in the position of a Nazi salute. Madison-based civil rights attorney and synagogue president Jeff Spitzer-Resnick wrote an open letter to the Baraboo school board asking they treat it as a teachable moment.
Wisconsin is continuing to grapple with the implications of chronic wasting disease and its effects on the state's deer herd and the hunting season.
The Wisconsin Legislature has used last-minute maneuvers to anonymously move major budget and policy changes into law while minimizing opportunity for public input. Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism managing editor Dee Hall explains how these processes work.
Individuals in law enforcement are being called out for derogatory and racist social media posts. Noble Wray, former Madison Chief of Police, discusses his work with police departments across the national on issues of policing and community trust.
Completing college substantially improves living standards, according to a report from the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, but there are also increasing racial disparities in Wisconsin's higher education system. Laura Dresser of the research group explains its findings.
The Wisconsin Elections Commission reactivated voters who were previously removed from voter rolls in Milwaukee. Here & Now details ths electronic system that played a role in the removals, and Milwaukee elections official Neil Albrecht explains what it means for the city.
How do elected officials divide their time between their elected job and an election campaign? Scott Gordon of WisContext talks about his closer look at the rules, or the lack of them, governing this question.
The state of Wisconsin's efforts to attract and retain a younger workforce are coinciding with a growing public reckoning in Madison and surrounding Dane County with the fact that many of its minority residents don't necessarily experience the city as welcoming or inclusive
A young woman in Mauston shares her concerns about what is in place to attract young people to move to rural communities.
Wisconsin voters prepare for another round of school referendums as districts around the state seek funding for building projects and other expenditures.