Contributions by Frederica Freyberg

Wetlands make up a part of the landscape in every Wisconsin county.More
Healthcare providers across the United States are longing to get back to a steady drip.More
When it comes to elections in Wisconsin, just about everything seems to be growing more complicated.More
To understand why moving a couple of DMV locations in Madison would cause outcry, it helps to understand some of the finer points of getting around in Wisconsin's capital and second-most populous city.More
Extreme temperature shifts will keep happening even as the planet's average temperature gets warmer.More
Gov. Scott Walker and state economic development officials want to spend about $7 million on a marketing campaign to entice young, college-educated workers to move to Wisconsin.More
One impact of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico may continue to plague hospitals in the mainland United States for quite some time.More
What started off as an "open secret" in Hollywood quickly became central to the national conversation as dozens of men in positions of power were alleged to have engaged in sexual assault and harassment at remarkable levels.More
Much of the specific work leading up to and on Election Day depends on thousands of county and city elections officials spread across the country.More
Chronic wasting disease used to frighten people in Wisconsin.More
As students returned to classes around Wisconsin, uncertainty among school districts that rely on state funding lasted right up through the end of the Legislature's much-prolonged biennial budget process.More