Series: Foxconn In Wisconsin

Wisconsin's deal with electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn has stirred up a mix of excitement and doubt. The state offered the Taiwan-based company about $3 billion in economic incentives and a waiver on a variety of environmental and other regulations to build a large LCD fabrication complex. In return, Foxconn touted the possibility of creating thousands of jobs and invigorating Wisconsin as a Midwestern tech hub. This type of manufacturing would place considerable demands on the state's natural resources, especially water, and can create significant pollution. The net effect of this deal will take years to emerge, but boosters and skeptics alike agree that a Foxconn footprint would have profound and complex implications for Wisconsin's future.
Foxconn is proposing to build an LCD fabrication facility in Wisconsin. Peter Adriaens of the University of Michigan explains how heavy metals used in producing electronics components pose potential dangers, as some are bioaccumulative and may remain in organisms for the rest of their lives.
As discussion over environmental impacts of Foxconn continues, proposed locations along Lake Michigan could involve the Great Lakes Compact. Scott Gordon of WisContext discusses the role that water usage plays in electronics manufacturing and the legal framework related to using Great Lakes water.
In its proposed incentives package to lure electronics manufacturer Foxconn, the Wisconsin legislature is not only offering unprecedented economic incentives, but also carves out significant exemptions to state-level environmental regulations for the company.
The announcement that Wisconsin is ready to offer electronics manufacturer Foxconn $3 billion in incentives to build an LCD factory complex in the state is far from a done deal.
As Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn touts its plans to build an LCD factory in southeastern Wisconsin, one open question is what demand that operation will place on Lake Michigan.
Someone is looking to buy a lot of land in Racine County and is willing to pay well over market value for it.
Foxconn could be purchasing land in southeast Wisconsin for well above market value, meaning many small landowners could soon be millionaires. Not everyone is happy about it, however.
China-based electronics company Foxconn is one step closer to building a facility in Wisconsin, after signing a memorandum of understanding with Gov. Scott Walker.