Contributions by Hope Kirwan

Wisconsinites have mixed reactions to the Department of Homeland Security's new plans for detaining and removing more undocumented immigrants.More
As markets for artisan and specialty cheese grow, a new national survey found many cheesemakers have a hard time staying in operation.More
Wisconsin dairy producers saw an increase in milk prices in December, reaching the highest price in the last two years.More
The value of Wisconsin farmland was steady in 2016, unlike the rest of the Midwest.More
Wisconsin continues to increase monthly cheese production, marking more than two years of rising outputs.More
Wisconsin agriculture officials say they're still investigating how a group of dairy calves started a multi-state salmonella outbreak.More
Federal legislators from Wisconsin say the U.S. Department of Agriculture needs to purchase the surplus cranberries after this year's abundant harvest.More
A new study on oak trees in southwest Wisconsin could improve predictions about climate change.More
That delicious Thanksgiving spread this year will be the least expensive its been since 2010, according to the Wisconsin Farm Bureau.More
Some Wisconsin farmers and grain elevators are struggling to find storage space for this year's record harvest.More