Articles by Shamane Mills

Health officials in Milwaukee are shifting their strategy for reducing infant mortality in the city.
A state website where people can register and find out more about organ donation had only been in English, but is now also in Spanish
Consumers, insurance companies and health care providers are experiencing déjà vu. Politicians are once again attempting to make big changes to the nation's health care system.
Non-compete agreements are part and parcel of many jobs, everything from fast food joints to tech startups.
A report by George Washington University and the Commonwealth Fund estimates thousands of jobs would be lost in Wisconsin if two key elements of the Affordable Care Act are repealed.
A projected doctor shortage in Wisconsin is spurring efforts to expand the duties of other medical professionals.
There's no one single place in Milwaukee County where overdose data is kept. Paramedics respond to an overdose, the medical examiner does an autopsy, the state Department of Justice collects statistics.
Despite rising premiums and an uncertain future for the Affordable Care Act, more people are signing up for insurance on
The latest numbers on work-related deaths in Wisconsin show 104 people died on the job in 2015, an increase from 2014.
Wisconsin as a whole has gotten a little healthier relative to other states, according to a yearly assessment by the United Health Foundation. But binge drinking remains a problem.