Shawn Johnson on WPT
Last week, the Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said the chamber would conclude its work for the 2015-2016 legislative session. But it wasn't easy to keep track of all of the bills under consideration.
The distribution of drinking water ties Wisconsin's major population centers together, and shapes local economies and political dynamics. Local governments depend on and sometimes battle with each other to ensure access to drinking water sources, and the infrastructure necessary for treatment.
Voter ID tarot
Wisconsinites are hearing some familiar arguments lately about a pending change in the state's election law, with proponents saying it will streamline the democratic process in Wisconsin and others saying it will undermine low-income and minority voters. No, this change is not about Wisconsin's voter ID law.
Monster soup
For those Wisconsinites who use a well, here are nine tips for making sure their drinking water is as safe as possible.
Roman lead water pipe
The term "corrosion" has leached its way into public discussion about drinking water over recent weeks, thanks largely to the roiling water crisis in Flint, Michigan.
Katharine Broton
A new food pantry for University of Wisconsin-Madison students is one sign that poverty can exist on campus. As UW-Madison Ph.D. student Katharine Broton explained in a Feb. 5 interview on Wisconsin Public Television's Here And Now , traditional conceptions of college students' financial and social situations has grown outdated.
Augie has been a welder for forty years. A problem at work exposed his reading disability and led him to seek help from a tutor.
Miss Elizabeth came to Milwaukee from Liberia in 2007. She knew no English. She'd never really even gone to school.
Renee had fallen on hard times when her longtime friend Rick stepped in to offer his support. Curiosity brought them into the Literacy Network in Madison.
Maria Huerta came to Milwaukee from Mexico with her husband. She knew no English but soon started classes at Journey House in Milwaukee.