The number of deer ticks and other species can vary each year, and weather conditions can play an important role in day-to-day exposure risks, but the state remains a hotspot for Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.
The potential cutting of a state-level property tax would change the way Wisconsin pays to maintain forests.
As Milwaukee grapples with increasing violence — against a national backdrop in which violent crime has steadily decreased since the early 1990s — there's no avoiding the multi-generational impacts of poverty and racial disparities in the city.
Public and private schools in Wausau are adjusting to Wisconsin's expanded school choice programs. Educators who work in each system have differing perspectives on how the voucher system is affecting students and taxes.
Nora Sheridan has been speaking out against gun violence in Milwaukee for years. Then she got the call all parents fear — that her 36-year-old son, Rainier Sheridan, had been murdered, in her own home.
UW-Extension entomologist PJ Liesch said Wisconsin is "one of the hot spots of tick activity in the U.S." But, he stresses it's still possible to enjoy the outdoors.
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Gov. Scott Walker proposed eliminating the forestry mill tax, a state-based property tax that funds forest management, preservation and fighting fires. Fred Clark of the Forest Stewards Guild and Tom Larson of the Wisconsin Realtors Association discuss its potential impacts.
One enduring myth about ticks is that these little bloodsucking creatures hang around on tree branches and leaves, waiting to drop down on an unsuspecting feast. Ticks don't dive-bomb their intended meals, but they do engage in behavior called "questing."
While thoughts might be turning to filling the cooler with cold beverages and packing enough charcoal for the grill, there's another aspect to the season that demands attention: tiny ticks.
The Lyme disease incidence rate in Wisconsin has been well above the national average since at least 2005, and is rivaled by only a handful of other states. But these numbers don't represent a definitive count.