Dangerous wind chills and snow are in the forecast for Wisconsin this weekend. The weather has those who some people who help the homeless ensuring no one is left out in the cold.
Aquaculture industries are popping up in cities and rural areas across Wisconsin, but Spring Valley Aquaculture is the first to be housed in an old school.
Many American parents are accustomed to frequent conversation with their children in their late teens and early 20s, yet a parent may feel her or his conversation with the child is entirely one-directional — calls, texts, and personal messages are rarely returned.
Wisconsin's obesity rate appears to be higher than previously thought, according to new data released in December 2016.
The share of Americans covered by health insurance reached a never-before-seen high in 2015, both nationally and in Wisconsin, which retained its ongoing position as one of the best-covered states in the nation.
Wisconsin Republicans will begin the 2017 legislative session with their majority expanded to historic numbers, but they aren’t showing a united front on transportation issues as 2016 ends.
In the rural Wisconsin city of Abbotsford, on the border of Marathon and Clark counties in the middle of the state, about 500 of 2,300 residents are Latino, drawn there to work on the dairy farms, in the factories, and at one of the region's big employers, the Abbyland Foods meat processing company.
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Wisconsin's proposed 2017-19 budget calls for about $500 million in borrowing for state transportation funding. Wisconsin Taxpayer's Alliance president Todd Berry said the state's amount of debt service for previous borrowing is a budgetary burden.
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The Madison school district's Personalized Pathways program will allow students to pursue individual areas of interest to explore future college and career options. Madison school district Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham discusses the goals of this program.
Every once in awhile, winter traditions can lead to unexpected cases of insect activity inside homes. At the heart of these cases is the same phenomenon: an outdoor object brought inside and allowed to warm up.