By bringing together former state, federal and academic conservation professionals, Wisconsin's Green Fire hopes to provide sources of science-driven expertise.
Scientists have known for a long time that major floods are becoming more common.
An incentives bill currently working its way through the Wisconsin legislature would streamline how the state applies the Great Lakes Compact if the Foxconn decides to use water from Lake Michigan.
In a startling turn-about, Lake Superior has lost its championship title as the clearest of the Great Lakes.
The state's scientific research community is already looking for opportunities to collaborate with Foxconn.
Rural health challenges become even more stark when seconds can make the difference between life and death.
Fresh water is an increasingly precious necessity around the planet, and Wisconsin has better access to it than most places.
When it comes to their pet preferences, Madisonians lean towards bigger breeds for canine companions.
In recent decades, ranchers and federal agencies have spent a lot of time figuring out how to expand and improve the use of dogs to guard livestock.
Projections about the Foxconn deal all hinge on what assumptions one makes.