Houseplants add life and beauty to home and work environments. They filter indoor air pollutants, their vivid colors, textures and fragrances serve as a natural stress relievers, and maintaining them over a cold, dark winter can gratify a gardening urge.
There may be a way to prevent harmful blooms of algae in some lakes or reservoirs, according to a new study.
There's no one single place in Milwaukee County where overdose data is kept. Paramedics respond to an overdose, the medical examiner does an autopsy, the state Department of Justice collects statistics.
Industry once dominated Ashland's waterfront on Lake Superior's shores. State and federal regulators recently signed off on a method to clean up wood waste and other toxins left behind by companies a century ago.
As Republicans pursue efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the federal healthcare exchanges says there is "extraordinary demand" to enroll in ACA plans. In Wisconsin, enrollment is up 14 percent over this time last year.
A study published on Dec. 22 found a type of blacktop sealant is the main source of a harmful pollutant in Milwaukee-area streams.
Move over Popillia japonica, there's a new "Japanese beetle" in town.
Some Wisconsin cities are trying to find ways to maintain the same level of services in light of levy limits and rising costs.
A statewide coalition's annual report on health insurance costs shows the rate of health care inflation was seven times higher in Wisconsin before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.
Despite rising premiums and an uncertain future for the Affordable Care Act, more people are signing up for insurance on