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A task force in Monroe County will focus immediately on warning people who live in watersheds that have faced repeated flooding in the last 12 years. But the group will also take a long-range approach to dealing with climate change.
Local government leaders in Wisconsin say tax dollars from more economic development in their areas are key to pay for local infrastructure improvements, but they also recognize it's that very same infrastructure that's crucial to foster economic growth.
Wisconsin's local food movement is strong, but those involved recognize there's a lot to learn from each other and neighboring states with better defined programs that are more profitable for small farmers.
One of the biggest issues facing the Wisconsin Legislature in the state budget process is how to deal with the transportation budget and fix roads across the state in need of repair.
La Crosse County had 23 drug overdose-related deaths in 2016, the most in its history, and proof that it may take some time before state and regional efforts to reduce the heroin epidemic start working.