Jimmy Carter
None of the broad identities attached to Jimmy Carter — beaming humanitarian, peanut farmer, UFO spotter and, at least since Ronald Reagan's victorious 1980 campaign, ineffectual president — were on display when he visited La Crosse in September 1975.
JFK campaigns in Wisconsin in 1960
When John F. Kennedy was making his ultimately successful pitch for the Democratic Party nomination in 1960, Wisconsin's April 5 primary was considered early. New Hampshire's was first, but candidates treated Wisconsin's as the first significant showdown.
wendell willkie
Republican presidential candidate Wendell Willkie staked everything on Wisconsin in 1944, and lost.
Wisconsin Alliance for Reform TV ad
Incumbent Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley and her challenger, state Court of Appeals Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg, are trying to paint each other as partisan political actors while upholding themselves as impartial, principled interpreters of the law and constitutional principles. But as they approach the April 5 election, it’s clear that they too live in a post-Citizens United landscape of political spending.
Financial coaching
Financial coaching is a way to help families take steps that are right for them to increase their financial well-being and security.
Home loans and credit monitoring
Although many people use "credit report" and "credit score" interchangeably, the two are not the same.
Credit cards
Around the United States, elementary and secondary schools are seen as appropriate venues for teaching financial literacy and helping students gain skills to reach goals and achieve financial well-being.
Piggy bank
With financial literacy skills, people of all income levels can act — or not — to build their financial capability. They can create and manage a household budget, save money toward goals like buying a house or retirement, or even start a business. Lower- and middle-income families can use financial literacy to increase their overall security.
Financial tools
In the best of worlds, people never stop improving their ability to make smart financial choices. It's a lifelong endeavor, with the financial decisions people face changing as they age and circumstances shift.
Peggy Olive
Four financial strategies can help people use their money to balance their needs with enjoyment of their lives, UW-Extension senior outreach specialist Peggy Olive said in an Aug. 5, 2015, talk at the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs.