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Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou signed a memorandum of understanding with Wisconsin ginseng growers to help promote the herb to overseas markets. Ginseng Board of Wisconsin president Bob Kaldunski discusses what the relationship could mean for sales at home and abroad.
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Environmental advocates are raising concerns about exemptions in the Foxconn deal. Midwest Environmental Advocates attorney Sarah Geers discusses questions the organization is raising about enforcement of the state's pollution laws.
As gardeners around Wisconsin eagerly anticipate the tomato harvest, the state's first confirmed report of late blight in 2017 is bringing disappointment to some growers in Waukesha County.
The announcement that Wisconsin is ready to offer electronics manufacturer Foxconn $3 billion in incentives to build an LCD factory complex in the state is far from a done deal.
As Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn touts its plans to build an LCD factory in southeastern Wisconsin, one open question is what demand that operation will place on Lake Michigan.
Martens are North America's most frequently translocated carnivore, with projects in 16 states and six provinces from the 1800s until the present. They were wiped out in most of the Great Lakes region after European colonization and later reestablished in some states.
Someone is looking to buy a lot of land in Racine County and is willing to pay well over market value for it.
Summer means cream puffs and rides on a Tilt-A-Whirl for many fairgoers, but people also enjoy the thrill of competition as the culmination of months of energy on a wide variety of projects.
Wisconsin is proud of its water, including the stuff that comes out of the tap. Every year, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources releases an annual report about how the state's public water systems are doing.
Foxconn could be purchasing land in southeast Wisconsin for well above market value, meaning many small landowners could soon be millionaires. Not everyone is happy about it, however.