Contributions by Scott Gordon

As the United States increasingly closed its doors to refugees fleeing conflict and persecution around the world, resettlement numbers across the nation and in Wisconsin dropped by about two-thirds.More
Extreme temperature shifts will keep happening even as the planet's average temperature gets warmer.More
While sleep difficulties are a common factor in aging, older adults don’t need to resign themselves to a life of poor or erratic sleep.More
The past year at WisContext has been filled with looks at a variety of complex economic, environmental and demographic issues facing Wisconsin, along with a healthy side of bugs.More
The arguments driving a potentially landmark court case over partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin may already be outdated.More
Gov. Scott Walker and state economic development officials want to spend about $7 million on a marketing campaign to entice young, college-educated workers to move to Wisconsin.More
Poll responses from self-identified rural voters about the economy and Donald Trump poke holes in the narrative of his victory as an uprising in so-called flyover country.More
One impact of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico may continue to plague hospitals in the mainland United States for quite some time.More
To understand the Wisconsin State Capitol, it helps to look to New York City. That's where the building's architect, George B. Post, lived most of his life and designed many innovative buildings of his era.More
Much of the specific work leading up to and on Election Day depends on thousands of county and city elections officials spread across the country.More