With the onset of the Great Depression in the early 1930s, Rose Mary Drab's older brother Ed enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps and was assigned to Camp 657 just north of Antigo in Langlade County.
No one can say for sure how many lead pipes drinking water runs through on a daily basis around the United States, or where specifically those pipes are located.
With an increasing number of teenagers choosing to become vegetarians, some parents may be concerned that their teens won't have healthy diets or that they will no longer wish to share in family meals.
Wisconsin's voter-ID requirements, signed into law in 2011 as Act 23, is a signature agenda item for Gov. Scott Walker and the state legislature's Republican majority. But its passage set off more than five years of wrangling in the courts — a struggle that has yet to be settled.
The evolution of Wisconsin's voter ID law from 2011 until today is vastly complicated: a series of court challenges, appeals, decisions implemented and decisions halted or postponed.
UW journalism professor Chris Wells studied the Donald Trump's relationship with the media, and says the Republican presidential nominee has mastered using both traditional and social media to his advantage.
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Debrell Carr is a 13-year-old at Verona Area High School who started the organization Building Bosses to help encourage youth to help solve problems in their communities and get involved with entrepreneurship.
Autumn is just around the corner, and instead of lamenting the end of summer, many Wisconsinites embrace cooler weather with fall activities. One favorite excursion around the state is apple picking, which goes hand-in-hand with cider, donuts and pie.
Farms that raise animals — be they poultry, pigs, cows or other livestock — are growing. But whether smaller farms are simply updated with modern technologies or are concentrated animal feeding operations with hundreds or thousands of animals, they enable farmers to reduce costs and increase output.
Twenty-six percent of U.S. adults say they or someone in their household has had problems paying medical bills in the past 12 months. But medical bills should not be ignored.