What happens when more Wisconsin school districts collectively buy locally grown food? Students and staff benefit by eating nutritious and fresh meals.
With Donald Trump as the next president, President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act has a higher chance of being repealed or rolled back.
As the nation woke up to a new president-elect on Nov. 9, Kathy Cramer was as stunned as just about anyone who analyzes U.S. politics for a living, and especially those people with confidence in the accuracy of public opinion polls.
Raised beadwork was once widely practiced by the Iroquois but the art form had declined precipitously in the mid-20th century.
Free water filters will be available to thousands of people in Milwaukee who live in homes with lead water service lines.
Hmong refugees fleeing war in Vietnam and Laos began arriving in the United States in 1976 — many of them after fighting alongside Americans in the Vietnam War, or losing loved ones in that conflict Over the ensuing four decades, Wisconsin has become home to the nation's third-largest Hmong population following California and Minnesota.
Wisconsin has been a battleground state in presidential elections for decades, but over time, the political landscape has shifted. Voting patterns are increasingly becoming defined by geography, with population density serving as a marker of partisan preference.
A new report shows wages of Hispanic women in Wisconsin declined 20.8 percent during the last decade.
Fall is a great time to harvest and sow milkweed seeds. For the monarch butterfly, milkweeds are essential for survival.
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Wisconsin has a history of being a battleground state in presidential elections, but is it really a battle when one candidate doesn't show up and still never trails in the polls? A timeline of 2016 presidential campaign visits highlights the state of the race in Wisconsin.