The overall rate of premature babies born in Wisconsin has gone up slightly to 9.4 percent. But in some areas of the state, it's much higher.
Homeowners and businesses impacted by flooding in western Wisconsin can now apply for federal aid.
For many Upper Midwesterners in the 21st century, not much could seem more familiar than the marks of Scandinavian influence on regional culture. But there was a time in North American history when Norwegians, Swedes and Danes were considered peculiar outsiders.
Dairy economists have an optimistic outlook for milk prices despite continued increases in production.
More than half of the state's cities and villages report having a hard time finding enough candidates for local offices. Officials around the state say local government is critical to communities, which is why they're worried about the lack people interested in putting in the time to serve.
Apples are one of the few produce items marketed by cultivar name — consumers will pay more for particular varieties that offers better taste, color and flavor. The nature of this market has been proven by the outstanding success of Honeycrisp apples.
You've had it with all the telemarketing calls and finally decided to put yourself on the Federal Trade Commission's National Do Not Call Registry.
A sleepy cabin atop a river bluff seems an unlikely inspiration for a videogame. But it was there that Dave Beck dreamed up Tombeaux .
Wisconsin's Controlled Substance Board recently published its first quarterly report on database established in 2013 to prevent abuse.
Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline prompted United States federal agencies to review how they consult with tribes on infrastructure projects this fall, and Wisconsin tribal leaders are among those weighing in on the process.