Milwaukee accounted for 47 percent of the state's HIV cases in 2015 compared to 51 percent of cases in 2014, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.
President Donald Trump's executive order banning refugees from seven majority-Muslim countries makes exceptions for religious minorities.
A few of snowy owls generally make it to Wisconsin every winter, but some years many more of these white birds with large yellow eyes than normal visit – creating what's called an irruption
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved a Wisconsin program that backers say will give the state more flexibility in meeting standards aimed at reducing algae growth in waterways.
Wisconsin's largest city has banned the sale and use of coal-tar sealants with high levels of a potentially cancer-causing chemical compound.
A new study suggests the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has been underestimating the number of wolves killed illegally for years.
A national study shows jobs in the solar power industry are increasing in most states – including Wisconsin.
When it comes to receiving treatment for cervical cancer, many minority women are receiving poorer care than their white counterparts.
Preschoolers can go through so many different emotions during the day, happy one minute and frustrated the next. But parents can help their young children learn to manage and understand their emotions.
They're as familiar a part of America's car-oriented transportation infrastructure as the roads themselves: Highway travel centers with gas, commercial truck and RV parking, Wi-Fi, a convenience store and maybe an in-house fast-food joint or and other amenities.