Two federal judges ruled that the Wisconsin Legislature's Assembly district map unconstitutional, with a third dissenting. They ruled Assembly Republicans exhibited partisan gerrymandering beyond what is constitutional in creating these maps.
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Gas prices have dropped to under $2 at stations around Wisconsin. Chicago-based GasBuddy senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan talks about what's at play in these low prices.
The Michna family live in the Racine County community of Caledonia. Their neighbor to the north is the Oak Creek Power Plant, operated by the state's largest utility, We Energies. The Michnas say decades of nearby coal-burning has been a nuisance, and a health threat.
The U.S. Environmental Agency and the 10 states that border the Mississippi River, including Wisconsin, are not doing nearly enough to protect the waterway from pollution and contamination, according to a recent report.
The University of Wisconsin-Madison has long been been among the top five nationally ranked research universities. However, this year, as research spending dropped, so did the university's ranking. UW-Madison went from fourth to sixth.
The degenerative nervous system disorder chronic wasting disease primarily infects deer, moose and elk in several locations around North America, including in Wisconsin.
Many people are looking forward to a big Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. Meanwhile, Wisconsin food banks have been trying to bring a feast to those who are less fortunate this holiday season.
Freezing nights and shortening daylight in the fall tranquilizes the landscape — not counting the insatiable meadow vole that remains active throughout the year.
A new study on oak trees in southwest Wisconsin could improve predictions about climate change.
Questions and shock remain after a surprise announcement from Gov. Scott Walker last week that the state is ready to help build a manure biodigester in Kewaunee County.