A public health advisory issued on Sept. 22 by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services epitomized an ongoing sea change in attitudes about drug abuse and addiction as opioid overdoses continue to increase.
Wisconsin public health officials decided to call for a public advisory after reviewing the severity of the opioid crisis in the state. Wisconsin State Health Office Karen McKeown discusses the growing scope of this epidemic of addiction.
Food scientists around Wisconsin are building on a growing interest in fermentation to help both craft brewers and multinational mega-breweries improve their beers. But their work isn't just about the state's alcoholic beverage producers.
The condition of the natural world is inextricably bound with the choices humans make. "Built" environments and "wild" areas do not exist distinct from each other; rather, both interact through complex relationships.
In the backwoods of central Wisconsin, Britt Searles is in her environment and has an eagle eye for spotting wildlife under the forest canopy.
Given the growing prominence of concerns about drinking water around Wisconsin, understanding what motivates well owners to test for contaminants can help inform educational campaigns about safe practices.
With the onset of the Great Depression in the early 1930s, Rose Mary Drab's older brother Ed enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps and was assigned to Camp 657 just north of Antigo in Langlade County.
No one can say for sure how many lead pipes drinking water runs through on a daily basis around the United States, or where specifically those pipes are located.
With an increasing number of teenagers choosing to become vegetarians, some parents may be concerned that their teens won't have healthy diets or that they will no longer wish to share in family meals.
Wisconsin's voter-ID requirements, signed into law in 2011 as Act 23, is a signature agenda item for Gov. Scott Walker and the state legislature's Republican majority. But its passage set off more than five years of wrangling in the courts — a struggle that has yet to be settled.