Wisconsin is regularly at the center of Great Lakes water politics, but it's not the only place where controversies arise.
Wisconsin has yet to wrap up one big conversation about how it uses Great Lakes water, and is already embarking upon another.
Reclaimed wood is growing in popularity for use in interior design and furniture, creating opportunities to meet this rising demand.
It's never an easy conversation to have in Wisconsin: Phosphorus pollution afflicts bodies of water all over the state, and its primary source is agriculture.
A daring practice in which people catch catfish by hand is finding official support in Wisconsin.
Wetlands make up a part of the landscape in every Wisconsin county.
Scientists may have settled a debate between anglers and fishery managers over the future of the lake trout in the Great Lakes.
The once-abundant black tern is far less abundant in Great Lakes wetlands, a victim of habitat loss and invasive plant species.
Extreme temperature shifts will keep happening even as the planet's average temperature gets warmer.
Northern Wisconsin is a frigid place come winter. But as the state has warmed, the certainty of snow gradually vanished, leaving the traditional winter dogsledding races frequently canceled for lack of good powder.