With infestations of the mosquito species containing the Zika virus found in Illinois, Iowa and southern Minnesota, University of Wisconsin-Madison entomologist Susan Paskewitz said there is a possibility that the species will be found in Wisconsin.
Milk prices are cyclical, explained University of Wisconsin-Madison agricultural economics professor Brian Gould. While Wisconsin dairy producers saw an all-time high in 2014, an extended drop in prices will have a negative effect on the state's economy.
In the 1880s, the eight-hour day emerged as the prime focus of the labor movement.
Worker replacing lead pipes in Madison
A new program to help Wisconsin communities replace lead drinking water pipes will likely take out only a small fraction of those estimated to exist around the state.
Wisconsin's first Healthy Infants Court is being created in Milwaukee County in part because of studies that show repeated childhood trauma can lead to problems later in life.
Patrick Sims and Kenneth Cole
Over the last year, UW-Madison students have tenaciously sought to build a conversation about racism at the state's flagship university.
Brown marmorated stink bug
Nature is full of checks and balances. Of the roughly 1 million species of insects known to science, there's an amazing intricacy to the food web.
Brown marmorated stink bug on an apple
Once found only a four-hour ferry ride across Lake Michigan, the brown marmorated stink bug poses a growing threat to Wisconsin orchards and vegetable crops.
Brown marmorated stink bug on an apple
Though the brown marmorated stink bug has only been spotted in Wisconsin over the last seven years, entomologists tracking the species suggest that it may become a prominent problem for farmers and gardeners. Links to resources and more information about it follow.
Brown marmorated stink bug
As growers and agriculture researchers have learned during the brown marmorated stink bug's 20-year migration across the U.S., managing the pest is difficult.