The Wood County town of Saratoga has passed a new ordinance to protect groundwater from manure spreading in its fight to keep a concentrated animal feeding operation from locating there.
This fall is one of the warmest on record across Wisconsin.
Tom Frieden, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said addicts who inject drugs are spreading a disease for which there’s no cure.
The winter holiday season would not be complete without a traditional floral display of poinsettias. Known for their showy, colorful and often red-toned bracts and dark green leaves, poinsettias add a festive spirit and brighten homes when daylight is fleeting.
Immigration and diversity are very much rural issues in Wisconsin. Some of Wisconsin's ethnic and racial minority groups are clustered in specific geographic areaa, but Hispanic people are widely distributed across much of the state.
While tremendous progress has been made in battling the AIDS epidemic, the number of newly diagnosed cases among young people in Wisconsin has doubled since 2005.
As the state calls for ideas that use manure digesters to help improve drinking-water quality in Wisconsin, it's helpful to better understand how the actual functions of digesters align with the problem at hand.
With the state cutting aid to public schools and capping how much money they can raise through tax increases without voters' approval, school districts around Wisconsin have been seeking more funding through local referendums, especially those in rural areas.
Community groups often host food drives at various points during the year to fill local pantry shelves. Donors can enhance the value of their gifts by ensuring the food is safe, nutritious and of high quality.
Wisconsin agriculture officials say they're still investigating how a group of dairy calves started a multi-state salmonella outbreak.